Cats Are Awesome

A hopeless cat-lover all my life they are naturally a subject I love to shoot. You just can’t have too many cat pictures.

Jessie the Paw

Whenever I get a new Camera or lens my test subject is always the cat. Here is Jessie lending a paw in my depth of field tests.

Jessie in the Wild

Jessie hates the journey but loves the destination. Here she at Takahoa enjoying the pleasures of running wild and free. There are mice at Takahoa.

Flint and His Tomatoes

Flint guards his tomotoes with a grim warning on the steps. It’s paint of course…but is it?


Ruby never seems to age, but she is not a young cat. She guards my mother with her tail switching restlesslessy. She is the only one allowed to bite mum’s head.

Ratfinx Reflects

This picture of Ratfinx was internet famous once. It shows her in her younger days when she still pondered on the seen and unseen.


The exquisite Tequila of the startling green eyes. I don’t recall whose cat she was, but she is stunning.

Ratfinx Controls the Remote

She has her favourite shows and doesn’t want anyone changing the channel on her.

Ratfinx Reads

Ratfinx enjoyed reading by the fire of an evening. It was hard to follow though, as it just sounded like meow meow meow meow to us.

RatfinxIn the Sun

Keeping herself snowy white was a full time task.

Ratfinx in Old Age

Ratfinx in her declining years lost the tips of her ears to cancer. We did not love her any the less, and miss her now she has joined the other cats over the Rainbow Bridge.